17 SEPTEMBER 1831, Page 10

Dom; BUSINESS.—OR Monday, the Lord Chancellor commenced hear- ing appeals

in the House of Lords at ten o'clock, and continued sitting until two, when he proceeded to the Drawing-room. At half-past three, he returned to the House, and resumed business; when the Lord Advo- cate proceeded with his arguments until the Lords met. After a short discussion upon the postponement of the Game-laws, Lord Brougham in- quired whether there was any thing else before the House ? An answer in the negative was returned ; on which his Lordship said, "My Lord Advocate, I am ready to hear you resume your argument ;" the appeal was accordingly resumed, and his Lordship heard the whole of the argu- ment on both sides, and gave, before he rose, judgment in the appeal. h. SIGNATURES OF COUNSEL.—In an appeal, Graham v. Shand, which was heard on Thursday in the House of Lords, the name of Dr. Lush- ington appeared on the papers of the appellant, while Dr. Lushington himself appeared for the respondent. The Chancellor inquired into the cause, but no one could satisfy him. Dr. Lushington knew nothing of the matter; and Mr. Poole, the English agent, could merely state, that the papers came so signed from Edinburgh. Ultimately, Mr. James John Fraser, the Edinburgh agent, was ordered to attend at the bar, or to forward his authority for using Dr. Lushington's name. The signa- ture, it seems, costs the client five guineas.

Mthrmasax SESSIONS.—Mr. Sergeant Pell mentioned, at the meeting of 3Iagistrates on Thursday, a plan for rendering the Chairman of Middle- sex eligible by his brother magistrates, and irremovable ; for increasing the number of sessions, with a view to a more rapid gaol delivery ; and for giving the Sessions power to try all crimes short of capital. The plan is to be more fully discussed hereafter. The increased number of sessions is a subject well worth consideration. Minnaasax. MAGISTRATES.—At the meeting on Thursday, Mr. Const was requested to fill the chair for six months longer ; and in case, from infirmity, he should happen to be unavoidably absent, Mr. Halls, Mr. Marriott, Mr. Botch, and Mr. Swabey, are requested to act as deputy 0 hairmen. This prolongation of Mr. Const's service is probably meant to insure the successful canvass of somebody as his successor.

Ma. Haar JUNIOR.—Yesterday, at Union Hall, the son of the mem- ber for Preston was fined Si. and 13s. expenses for a gross assault on a man named Alder. Mr. Hunt declared, in the first instance, that he would go to gaol sooner than pay the fine ; but he repented him in an hour or two. Considerable laughter was excited by a witness produced to prove that Alder had used provoking language. She was cited as Mr. Hunt's washerwoinan. The washerwoman left the case as black as she

sound it. •

THE SATIRIST NEWSPAPER:.-Yesterday, Mr. Ephraim Bond, who' is charged with an assault against two of the persons connected with the Satirist, surrendered at Bow Street. The libel which provoked the assault, it Foams, stated that Mr. Bond's father had been hanged. Tit assailant was admitted to bail.

THE NEW POLICE.—The arrangements made by the New Police at the ceremony of the coronation so pleased the authorities, that gold coro- nation medals have been sent to the Commissioners, Colonel Rowan and Mr. Mayne ; and directions have been given to pay the men two shil- lings, the Sergeants three shillings, the Inspectors five shillings, and the Superintendents eight shillings extra for their attendance. POWERS OF POLICE MAGISTRATES.—Mr. Halls, the Magistrate of Bow Street, ordered seven prisoners to be released from the House of Correc- tion on the occasion of the Coronation. This stretch of power has occasioned some discussion among the Middlesex Magistrates ; by whom it was strongly condemned. Its illegality did not seem to be questioned.