17 SEPTEMBER 1831, Page 16


IN another part of our paper will be found an able statement from the Chronicle on the subject of Ministerial Patronage, as it has

been misapplied or misused, in its character of a state engine, by the men now in power. But while it is allowed that they have neglected to secure the interests of the people, by a manly and courageous system of change in the great machinery of the State, we fear it must also be admitted that they have not neglected the opportunities of appropriating the benefit of all such public em- ployments as fell in their way, for the use of their own families and immediate connexions. Conduct of this kind is galling to all men of liberal opinions, who have a strong interest in their reputation, and who feel, that as they must be retained for the national good, it is a pity they are not to be had free from the stain of nepotism. It will be remembered, that this is the Ministry which boasted that they would govern the country without the aid of patronage; but we suppose that, in the present state of our institutions, the project is impracticable. We must wait for that, as for other good things, till the Reform Bill comes into operation ; when perhaps it may be hoped that fitness will be more looked upon than family. In aid of these remarks, let the lists of all the appointments of the present Ministry be examined : whether for honour or profit, we suspect that the circle of favour will be found small, and the recommendation of private interest much more conspicuous than public claims. By way of example, we will take a branch of the public service—the Navy—which, from the fact of our possessing a Sailor as well as a Patriot King, might have been expected to be less influenced by private intrigue than any other.

List of Ten " Honourahles," or connexions of the Aristocracy, appointed to the command of Ships since the Reforming Whigs came into office,

) the whole number of appointments having been Nineteen.

Date of Conaniassoss as Post

Persons. Ships. Captain.

Actaeon —before she 1 Ap nil 1828.Eon. FREDERICK GREY

1 um* launched.

Belvidera, a 42-gun

Hon. R. S. DUVDAS Frigate—though he July 1824.

has been but seven years a Post Captain

Winchester June 1S24.

An Old Officer, but not Z distinguished. November 1828. 17th February 1829.

October 1826.

Hon. G. W. Titan's rs

Rt. Hon. Lord JAMES TOWNSEND Dublin The Hon. Lord EDWARD RUSSELL Savage . Bon. W. WELLESLEY Sapphire CHARLES HENRY PAGET, Lord 1

Anglesey's nephew Samarang

Hon. EDWARD CURZON, (C.B.) .. Caledonia February 1823. CHARLES GRAHAM, brother of Sir } Rattlesnake James Graham { Very lately promoted

to Post rank.

RU3IPHRY SENDOUSE, a connexion 1

• St Vincent. October 1814. of Sir James Graham

The South American station is the only one where money is to be made by carrying bullion ; and we there find, not old and distinguished officers, but the brother of the First Lord of the Admiralty, and the nephew of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—two young men just promoted. It is a remarkable fact, that only one Companion of the Bath (but who is an Honourable) has been named to a command since the Whigs came into affice ;—in other words, not one officer who has distinguished himself against the enemy; and that almost the only officer promoted at the Coronation to the rank of Commander, was the son of Earl GREY,— viz. the Honourable GEORGE GREY, who was made a Lieutenant in February 1879, dnd has been in the service about eight or nine years.