17 SEPTEMBER 1831, Page 7

THE KING AND HIS COMM—The royal and illustrious visitors or

the King, who had remained to witness the coronation, have mostly taken their departure. On Saturday, the Landgravine of Hesse Romberg, and the Duke of Saxe Meiningen, embarked on board the Lightning steam- packet for the Continent. The Queen accompanied her brother and sister-in-law as far as Deptford, where they embarked. The Duchess of Cambridge with her daughter, whom several of the papers strangely mis- took at the Coronation for the Princess Victoria, also bade farewell for the King and Queen on Saturday : they set out for Dover in the even- ing. Prince George remains in England. On Monday, the Queen held a Drawing-room, which was very nu- merously attended. The splendour of the spectacle was on this occasion. not a little augmented by the coronets and robes of state of the Peeresses, in which they had been commanded to attend ; and the glittering collars of the knights, it being what is called in court phraseology a collar-day- The reception of the company occupied their Majesties until nearly foam o'clock. The following were the presentations :— The Countess of Lichfield, by the Mar- Countess of St. Germains, by the Countess

chioness of Chuhicarde. of Hardwieke. Countess of Gosford, by Lady Byron. Countess of Leitrim, by the Countess of Marchioness of Sligo, by the Marchioness 73 rownlow.

of Clanricarde. The Mayor of Liverpool, accompanied Viscountess Ashbrook, by the Duchess of by Mr. A. Mulyneux and Mr. 'F. Foster,

Leinster. the Bailiffs of Liverpool, with an Ad- Lady Oakley, on coming to her title, by dress.

the Countess of Errol. Rev. S. Sneyd, Warden of Alt Souls Lady Dinorben, on her elevation to the College. by the Duke of Devonshire. Peerage, by the Marchioness of Laus. Mr. II. Nicolas, by Vise:. Strangford. donne. Rev. C. P. Price, to present a copy of hig Marchioness of Hastings, by the March. Sermons, by the Rt. Ia. Earl Howe. Dowager of Hastings. Mr. W. Wyndham, by the Mar. of Chan-

Lord Oakley, on his appointment to be dos.

one of his Majesty's Naval Aides-de- Mr. 1). Griffith, Deputy Lieut. for the Camp. county of Carearvon, by Visct. Kirk- Lord Belhaven, by Lord Grey. Lady Al. Acheson and Lady M. Acheson, Ca'pwat.11.0. Burton, Scots Fusileer Guards;

by the Countess of Gosford. on his appointment of Ensign of the

Lord Howard of Effingham, on his re- Yeomen of the Guard, by the Mar. of turn from abroad, by the Duke of Nor- Clanricarde. folic. Lady Dover, on becoming a Peeress, by- Mr.S. W Hancock, on his appointment of the Lady in aiting. Exon of the Yeomen Guard, by the Commissioner Sir J. Hill, R.N. by the Mar. of Clanricarde. Right Hum Sir J. Graham.

Lady Ruthven, by the Duchess of Mon- Capt. A. Gordon, R.N. by Lord Gienlyone;

trose. Mr. E. Protheroe, by Lord Al elbnuroe.

The Queen's dress is thus described in the millinery department of

the _Worming Post- " The petticoat of silver tissue richly embroidered in gold oak leaves intermixed with diamonds ; the surcoat of purple rave: elegantly trimmed Arith gold and ermine and lined with white satin, the sleeves ornamented with diamonds and point lace, with a magnificent diamond stomacher; the robe of purple velvet with a superb gold embroidery, in which were introduced the rose, shamrock, and thistle, and lined throughout with ermine. Headdress, a purple velvet cap of state, with a circlet of diamonds."

The writer leaves it for us to add, that this richest and rarest attire was mean and common compared with the beauties of its matchless lining. In the evening of Monday, their Majesties entertained a select party at dinner.

On Thursday, the King held a Lavee, arisen the fe'lowing intro.

Lient. Fitzroy. on his appointrunt tO the Scuts Fusileer Guards. Lieut. Ward, Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, by Earl Urnee.

Mr. Johnstuae, by Lord Nattier.

Mr. M. Seele, Capt. Cad, or Duke of Lan- caster's Own, by Lord Stafford. Mr. Cunningham, by Lord Belhaven. Mr. A. Cole, by the Earl of Enniskillen. Mr. Mond. by the Earl of liclaester. Col. simund, by Lieut.-Gen. Witheratr. Cant. Protheroe, by Mr. E. Protheroe


Lieut.-Col. Ifailes, by Gen. Hon. Sir E. Paget.

Capt. Orem, by Lord A. Hill.

Major Tynte, on his promotion, by Col". Tynte. Major H. 11. Gore,bg the Earl of Ennis. kitten.

Captain Wormeley, R.N., by Sir J. Gra- ham. Major Thornhill, by Gen. Hon. E. Phipps:: air. Justice Ilaliburton, of Nova Scotia, to take leave. Mr. Dyneley, Secretary of Presentations to the Lord Chancellor, by the Lore Chancellor. Mr. W. J. Campbell, by the Mar. of Choi. mondeley.

Mr. Primrose, on return from abroad.. by Lieut.-Gen. Sir F. Adam.

Mr. O'Connell, on his return from abroad, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir F. Adam. Capt. Bathurst, by Col. Bowater.

Capt. Campbell, by the Duke of Argyll. Capt. A. Gordon, R.N. by Lord Glenlyoir Capt. Bowles, R.N. on his appointment as extra Aide-de-Camp to his Majesty,

by Lord A. Beauclerk.

Capt. Strachey, by the Bishop of Bath

and Wells. • Capt. C. W. Grant, on his promotion, ble Major-Gen. Sir J. Malcolm.

Capt. T. Nicholas, C.B. on his retina from the Continent, by Sir J. Graham. Capt. Woolcombe, by Lord Clinton. Commander Ricketts,. by Lord Goderich.

ductions took place :—

The Mar. of Clanricarde, on being ap. pointed Lieut. of the county 6:ilway, by Mr. Stanley. The Duke of Leinster, on his appoint. meat as Lieut. for the county of EU- dare,by Lord Foley.

Sir C. Clarke, Bart. on his being created a Baronet, by Earl Grey.

Lord Oakley, Lord Radstock, Sir J. Peelle!, Sir J. Phillimore, and Capt. W. Bowles, were severally presented by Lord A. Beanclerk, on being appointed extra Naval Aides.de-Canip.

Capt. Fitzroy, Grenadier Guards, on his marriage. Mr. W. Everett, by Capt. Woolmore. The Earl of Gosford, on his appointment as Lieut. of the county of Armagh. The Mar. of Downshire, on his appoint- ment as his Majesty's Lieut. for the

county of Down, by Lord Melbourne. Lord Segrave, by Lord Dude. Major-Gen. Visct. Forbes, on his appoint-

meat as Lord Lieut. of the county of Longford, by Lord Phinket. Earl of Camperdown, by Earl Grey.

Sir J. Hay, M.P. for Peeblessiiire, by Lord Glenlyon.

Mar. of Headfort, on being appointed Lord Lieut. of the county Cavan. Mr. Halswell, Deputy Lieut. for Middle. sex, by Visct. Palmerston. Mr. G. A. Warner, on his return from Switzerland. Sir R. Musgrave, Bart. M.P. by Gen. Sir J. Doyle. The Rev. W. J. Moore, by Visct. Ash- brook. Mr. H. D. Cooper, by the Right Hon. Lord Lyndhurst, Lord Chief Baron. Mr. Evelyn, by Lord Anson. Mr. Cay, Sheriff of Linlithgowsbire, by Sir G. Clerk, Bart. M.P. Mr. G. Al. Warner, on his return from France. Sir R. Gill, Lient. Yeoman of the Guard, on appointment, by the Mar. of Clan- ricarde.

Major-Gen. Morcott, on being made K.C. of the Guelphic Order, by Lieut.- Gen. Sir H. Taylor.

Mr. J. K.Jarvis, Deputy Lieut. for Hamp. shire, by Admiral Sir P. H. Dtirham. Bon. Capt. Elliot, R.N. on receiving the order of the Companion of the Bath, by Sir J. Graham. Mr. Ludgate, Deputy Lieut. of the county of Buckingham, by the Mar. of Chandos.

Mr. Koch, his Britannic Majesty's Con- sul nt Frankfort, by Viset. Palmerston. Efr. J. Morier, upon his return from abroad.

Mr. H. Nicolas, by Visct. Strangford. 111r. E. Foster. Deputy Lieut. of the county of Berks, by Gen. Hawker. Mar. of Sligo, on being appointed .Lord Lieut. of the county of Mayo. Earl of Meath, on his appointment of Lieut. of the county of Dublin. Mr. H. Tracy, by Sir F. Burdett. Earl of Leitrim, on being appointed Lieut. of Leitrim, by Earl Grey. Rear-Admiral Sir J. Brenton, on his ap- pointment as Lieut.-Governor ofGreen. wick Hospital. Nr. S. N. Talbot, by the Hon. Sir J. Tal- bot, K.C.B.

Cal. F. Smith, by Sir J. Kempf.

On Wednesday, the Queen paid a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland, at Ke..v ; and on Thursday, she honoured the Sorry Zoolo- gical Gardens with her presence. H Cr Majesty was accompanied MI the latter occasion by the Duchess of Saxe Weimar and the young Prince of Cambridge.

The King will hold a Levee at St. James's Palace on Wednesday the 21st, at two o'clock ; and on every succeeding Wednesday till further orders.

NEW Hosrouns.—In consequence of the Coronation, the fountain of honour, which usually sends forth its much-coveted waters drop by drop, has been flowing- in a full stream. lire gave the names of the first creation of Peers in our last number ; but by accident it was omitted in a part of the impression. We now submit the entire list, not only of Peers, but of all the honours granted since the 8th instant. The Peers are as follows- Illarquises—The Earl of Cassilis—by the style of Marquis of Allan ; Earl of Bread- al/gine—Earl of Ormelic and Marquis of /3readalbane ; Earl Grosvenor—Marquis of Westminster.

Earls—Lord G. A. H. Cavendish—Baron Cavendish of Keighley and Earl of Bur- lington ; Viscount Duncan—Earl of Camperdown, of Lundie and Gleneagles; Vis- count Northland—Earl of Ranfurly, of Dungannon.

Barons—The Marquis of Headfort—Baron Keats, of Kenlis ; Earl of Meath— Baron Chaworth, of Eaton Hall ; Earl of Dunmore—Baron Dunmore, of Dunmore; Earl Ludlow—Baron Ludlow ; Lord Belhaven and Stenton—Baron Hamilton, of Wishaw ; Lord Bowden—Baron Bowden, of Howden and Griniston ; the Hon. William Plante—Baron Panel ere, of Brechin and Never ; the Hon. George Cadogan —Baron Oakley. of Cavershent ; Sir George .Warwick Bampfylrie—Baron Polti- rnore, of Poltimnre ; Sir Rohert Lawley—Baron Wenlock, of Wenlock ; Sir Ed- ward Price Lloyd—Baron Meetyn, of :frosty); William Fitzhardinge Berkeley— Baron Segrave, of Berkeley Castle ; Lieutenant•Colonci Arthur Chichester—Baron Templemore, of Ternplemore ; William Lewis Hughes—Baron Dinorben, of Kern- nell Park; Lord Clonenrry—Baron Cloneurry, in the county of Kildare ; Sir Junes Baumarez—Baron De Saumarez, of the island of Guernsey.

The last two were gazetted on the 14th ; the others on the 9th. Last night's Gazette contains a list of Baronets and Knights.

Baronets—Lieut.-General John Slade.—Lieut.-General Sir William Anson, of Biretta, in the county palatine of Lancaster, K.C.B.—Lieutenant-General Ken- neth Mackenzie, of Glenbervie, in the county of Kincardine.—Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Wailer Otway, of liriehtbehustone, in the county of Sussex, K.C.R.— Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell, G.C.B. and Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.—Augustus John Foster, of Stone House, in the county of Louth, Esq. his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of Sar- dinia.—Sir James MGrigor, .:r Camden Hill, in the county of Middlesex, M.D. Director-General of the Army Medical Department.—Robert Way Harty, of Pro- spect House, Roebuck, in the county of Dublin, Esq. Lord Mayor of Dublin.— Colonel John Thomas Jones, of Cramer Hall, in the county of Norfolk.—Robert Greenhill Russell, of Chetanter's Court, in the county of linckinghatn, Esq William Chaytor, of Croft, hi the county of York., and of \Vittun Castle, in the county of Durham, Esq —William Wrixon Becher, of Ballygiblin, in the county of Cork, Esq.—Joseph Birch, of the Hazles, in the county palatine of Lancaster, Esq. --Robert Campbell, of Carrick Buoy, in the county of Donegal, Esq.—Wilfrid Lawson, of Brayton House, in the county of Cumberland, Esq.—John Nugent Rumble, of Cloncoakoran, in the county of Waterford, Esq.—James Martin Lloyd, of Lancing, itt the county of rmssex, Esq.—James Gibson Craig, of Ricearton, in the county of Mid-Lothian, T.:sq.—Joseph Barrington, of the city of Limerick, Esq. —Theodore Henry Lavingtou Broadhead, of Burton, or Monk-Bretton, in the county of York, Esq.—John Colman EasiIejgh, of Pridemtx, in the county of Cornwall, Esq.—J— Campbell, of Barcaldine, in the county of Argyll. Esq.—Percy Fitz- gerald Nugent, of Honore, in the county of 'Westmeath, Esq.—John James Gal-heft Walsham, of Knill Court, in the conffly of Hereford, Esq.—William Irepeate, of Sonthend, in the county of Essen:, Esq. 01:e of the Aldermen of the city of London.- -Thomas al`Kenny, Esq. one of the Aldermen of the city of Dublin.—Henry lileux, of Theobald's Park, in the rustily of Hertford, Esq.—Charles Mansfield Clarke, of Dunham Lodge, in the county of Norfolk, M.D. one of the Physicians in Ordinary to her Majesty.

Knights—George Magrath. M.D., and Sturgeon in the Royal Navy; Lieutenant- Colonel Frederick Smith, Commanding Engineer of the London district ; Lieu. tenant.Colonel Alexander Anderson ; Thomas 'knocker, Esq. Mayor of Liverpool; Robert Gill, Esq. Lieutenant of his Majesty's Guard of Yeomen of the Guard ; Henry Cipriani, Esq. Senior Eson of his Majesty's Guard of Yeomen of the Guard ; Henry Hinrich, Esq. Lieutenant of his Majesty's Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners; Richard Burton, Esq. Senior Member of his Majesty's Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners.

A Supplement to the Gazette of the 9th, published on the 14th, con- tains a list of Generals and Admirals who are raised to the first and Second ranks of the Order of the Bath.

Knights Greed Crosses—Gen. the Hon. Sir Henry G. Grey ; Gen. Sir Ronald C. Ferguson; Gen. Sir Henry Warcie; Admiral Sir Thomas Williams ; Admiral Sir William Hargootl; Lieut.-Gen. the lion. Sir William Lumley ; Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Willoughby Gordon, Bart.; Rear. Admiral Sir Thomas M. Hardy, Bart. Knights Commanders—Lient.-Gen. Snmuel Venahles hinge; Major-Gen. John Wright Guise ; Major Gen. James Bath n rst ; Major-Gen. James Stevenson Barns ; Rear-Adm. Sir Robert Laurie, Bart.: Major-Gen. John Macdonald ; Alajor-Gen. Alexander Woodford ; Major-Gen. the Hon. Frederic:: C. Ponsonby ; Rear-Admiral George Scott; Rear-Adm. Thomas Dundas ; Rear-Adm. Sir Graham Eden Ha- mond, Rart ; Major-Gen. Sir John Buchan ; Major-Gen. Sir Hugh Gough, Knight; Major-Gen. Charles Ashworth; Major-Gen. Charles Bruce; Major-Gen. John Fors- ter FitzGeraid ; Major-Gen. John Ross; Major-Gen. Dugald Little Gilmour; 33Iajor-Gen. William Macbean ; Major-Gen. Sir George Elder, Knight.

PEERS AND PEERESSES AT THE CORONATION.—We copy, from a supple- ment to Friday's Gazette, the following list of the nobility, &c. who did homage.

Archbishops—Canterbury, York. Bishops—London, iVinchester, Bath and Wells, Lichfield and Coventry, Lincoln, Commander Agar, on his appointment to his Majesty's sloop Arachne, by Lord Dover.

Lieut. G. P. Duins, by Sir A. Clifford. Lieut. Heitland„ by Major•Gen. Fisher. Lieut. Losacit, by Col. Sir J. May. Lieut. Charteris, R.N. on his marriage, by the Duke of Buecleuch. Mr. J. W. Mullins, M.P. by Lord Hill. Cornet the Hon. F. A. Gordon, by the Earl of Aboyne. Ens. R. '1'. Hewitt, by Major-Gen. Visct. Forbes.

Ens. Dwyer, on being appointed to the sSth Regt. by Col. Sir A. Christie.

Ens. H. Lomax, by ids father, Major.Gen. Lomax.

Lieut.-Col. Iff. Wallace, 5th Dragoon Guards, by Lient.-Gen. Sir H. Taylor. Commissioner Sir J. Hill, R.N. by the Right Hon. Sir J. Graham.

Admiral Sir W. lIargood, G.C.H.; Admiral Sir T. Williams ; Rear Admi- ral sir 'I'. Hardy, and Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Gordon, on being invested Knights Grand Crimes of the Bath.

Rear-Admiral G. Scott and Rear-Atha- rid '1'. Oundas, on being invested Knights Commauders of the Bath, by Sir J. Graham. Chichester, Bristol, Rochester, ;Liandaff, Oxford, Exeter, Ossory, Cloyne, Cork andi Ross. .Dukes—Norfolk, Somerset, Richmond, K.G., Grafton, Beaufort, K.G., St. Al- ban's, Leeds, K.G., Devonshire, K.G., Hamilton, Buccleuch, K.T., Gordon, Argyll, Portland, Dorset, K.G., Leinster, Wellington, K.G.

Marquises—Winchester, Lothian, Lansdowne, Salisbury, Downshire, Headfort,. Sligo, K.P., Exeter, K.G., Northampton, Camden, K.G., Cholmondeley, London- derry, G.C.B., Hastings, Ailesbury, K.T., Westmeath, Ormonde, K.P., Clanricarde, Cleveland. Earls—Shrewsbury, Denbigh, Westmorland, K.G., Carlisle, Shaftesbury, Abing- don, Plymouth, Albemarle, Coventry, Jersey, Errol, G.C.H., Haddington, Selkirk,. Aboyne, K.T., Dnndonald, Aberdeen, K.T., Rosebery, Portmore, Ferrers, Dart- mouth, Cowper, Pomfret, Waldegrave,Brooke and Earl of Warwick, K.T., lichee- ter, De la Warr, Radnor, Bathurst, K.G., Clarendon, Talbot, K.P., Grosvenor, Be. verley, Mansfield in Middlesex, Liverpool, Meath, K.P., Fife, K.T., Tyrconnel, G.C.H., Charlemont, Sefton, Portarlington, Mayo, G.C.H., Caledon, K.P., Rosslyn, G.C.B., Craven, Romney, Chichester, Wilton, Gosford, Manvers, Grey, K.G., liar. rowhy, Mulgrave. Verulam. flrownlow, Sheffield, Falmouth, Howe, G.C.H., Strad- broke, Amherst, Cawdor, Munster. Viscounts—Hereford, Sydney, Hood, Duncan, Ashbrook, Anson, Lake, Beresford,. G.C.B.,Combermere, G.C.B., Goderich. Lords—De Roos, Clinton, Stourton, Howard of Effingham, G.C.B., Saye and Sele, Teynham, Stafford, Byron. Gower, Saltoun, Cuiross, Napier, Belhaven and Stenton, Ruthven, Kimutird, King, Sondes, Grantham. Boston, Dude, Foley, 'Walsitigham, Rodney, Carteret, Sherborne, Montagu, Suffield, Kenyon, Rraybrooke, Douglas of Douglas. Auckland, Dondas, Rolle, Carrington, Lilford, Caibery, Arden, Rossmore, Deeies, Hill, G.C.B., Melbourne, Garvagh, Howden, G.C.B., Gleulyon. K.C.H, Maryborough, G.C.H., Bexley, Farnborough, G.C.B., Wharacliffe, Seaford, Lynd- hurst, Tenterden, Piunket, Cowley, G.C.B., Stuart De Rothesay, G.C.B., Durham, Brougham and Vaux, Dover, Clements. The following are the names of the Princesses of the Blood Royal and

the Peeresses present.

Princesses of the Blood Royal—Gloucester, Cumberland, Cambridge. Drchesses—Charlotte, Richmond ; Caroline, Richmond, St. Alban's, Gordon, Montrose, Northumberland, Leinster.

Marchionesses—Winchester, Lansdowne, Salisbury, Cornwallis, Wellesley. Sligo, Exeter, Cholmondeley, Londouderry, Hastings, Countess of Loudon ; Hastiugs, Baroness Grey of It uthyn ; Westmeath, Clanricarde.

Countesses—Shrewsbury, Denbigh, Plymouth, Albemarle, Jersey, Poulett, Errol, Rothes, Haddington, Dunclonald, Rosebery, Portmore, Ferrers, Cowper, Pomfret, Waldegrave, Brooke and of Warwick, Ilchester. De la Warr, Radnor, Mansfield in Middlesex, Meath, Sefton, Mayo, Wilton, Verulam, Brownlow, St. Germans, Am- herst. 71,cortntesse.s—Hood, Duncan, Ashbrook, Anson. Dowager Keith.

Baronesses—Clinton, Saye and Sele, Arundel. Teynham, Stafford, Gower, Sten- ton, Ruthven, King, Muntford, Foley, Walsingham, Rodney, Carteret, Sherborne, Montagu, Suffield, Braybroolce, Dundee, Rolle, Rossmore, Nugent, Ellenborough, Garvagh, Howden, Wharncliffe, Cowley, Stuart de Rothesay, Talbot de Malliabiffe, Dover, Clements.