18 APRIL 1981, Page 18

Doubtful logic

Sir: Mr Ferdinand Mount is correct in finding me an enemy of opinon polls (.1.A April) yet no sooner does he mention il?Y name than he puts 'the pollster' beside it. How is it that I should be a pollster yet attack pollsters? Am I a cannibal MI° devours his own kind, or an ambulatotY schizophrenic oblivious to a crisis in his own identity? Or is it just possible that Mr Mmin„t is mistaken or, dare I suggest it, eve" confused? By Mr Mount's logic, all pol1sters. are survey researchers andd therefore all survey researchers (of which I am 11/1,-. doubtedly one) are pollsters. By the san1,-, logic, all hacks are writers and therefore a" writers are hacks — including, alas, the distinguished commentator, Mr Ferdinan" Mount.

Conrad Jameson

103 Old Brompton Road, London SW7