18 APRIL 1981, Page 18

Journeys by air

Sir: During the last two years, at about this time, you have been good enough topubli,sh letters from me asking for suggestions for my anthologies on Railway Journeys Wilt lished 1980) and Sea Journeys (to ue published this year). I am now writing t° solicit your readers for suggestions for the last in the series, A Book of Air JourneYs. Once again the only criterion for accePt; ance is (a) already published material ano, (b) stylish writing and/or unusual events.! would welcome information about interest ing accounts of any air journeys, whether by balloon, airship, biplane, fighter, bomber, jumbo jet, from the very earliest times w the present day. Ludovic Kennedy do Collins, Publishers,

14 St James's Place, London SWI