18 APRIL 1981, Page 18

Personal touch

Sir: In response to Mr Hans Keller's 'genuinely puzzled question' (Letters, 11 April), may I attempt a reply? By the very nature of his profession, a journalist must include a certain element of 'autobiographical report' in his workings; and, with regard to the writing of Mr Ingrams, this personal element, in my humble opinion as a reader, is more than justified. I do not wish to read a paper consisting of writers who pretend to represent the public view; if every one of your contributorswere to write in such a way, I imagine that you would lose many readers. The autobiographical element is, I venture to suggest, appealing to the vast majority of your readership.

I must now turn to Mr Keller's pathetic analogy with the 'comparable jokes' of his 11-year-old schoolmates. This tactic of attempting to make Mr Ingrams look childish, and hence foolish (the two do not necessarily follow), is oh so predictable and oh so unfunny. If Mr Keller's letter is an example of his mature outlook on life, I would rather be (remain) childish.

Finally, yes, I am amused.

Kieron O'Connor Crobehers, fines Road, Partridge Green, West Sussex