18 AUGUST 1832, Page 1

The ceremony of King LEOPOLD's mairiage was performed on Thursday

the 9th. The persons officiating on the part of France were—the Baron PASQUIER, President of the Chamber of Peers, and M.' E. F. COCCHI', Keeper of the Archives of the Chamber, in the absence of the Grand Referendary ; for LEOPOLD there ap- peared M. LEHON, as Ambassador Extraordinary. There were • present as assistants to these officiaries-

• Count Sebastiani de la Porta, Secretary of State of the Foreign Department, and Felix Barthe, Secretary of State of the Justice Department.

The witnesses were—

The Counts d'Arschot and de Merode, the Duke de Choiseul, Marquis de- Barini-Marbois, Count Portales, the Duke de Bassano, Count Gerard, MM. Be- renger, Dupin, and Delessert, members of the Chamber of Deputies.

This was the civil ceremony, the only one required by the laws of France. The marriage was also celebrated, in order to give it all effect in Belgium and elsewhere, according to the Catholic and Lutheran forms. The letters from Compiegne are full of descrip- tions of the festivities that accompanied a union which promises. more happiness to the parties than most royal unions do; for the- bride is young and beautiful, and the bridegroom sensible and kind, and both have been, fortunately for themselves, reared in a private station. The happy couple are now in Brussels, and LEoPoerr. must again give his attentions to a less grateful subject than his blooming partner. There are no additional protocols, as was reported ; but the. settlement of the Belgian question does not progress the more for that. _King WILLIAM, as well as the Conference, has indicated, it is said, an inclination to advance ; but the two parties are yet far from meeting. In the mean time, LEOPOLD can do nothing ; as the preliminary step to any separate attempt at an accommoda- tion of the differences between him and the King of Holland, the evacuation of. the Belgian territory by the troops of the latter, is obstinately refused.