18 AUGUST 1832, Page 10

The Judges upon the Norfolk Circuit have appointed the following,

gentlemen of the bar as the barristers to correct the registers of voters under the provisions of the Reform Act—

Norwich and Yarmouth—Mr. Elmsly and Mr. Collyer. East Norfolk—Mr. Abbot and Mr. Bayley. West Norfolk—Mr. Hunt and Mr. Bytes.

East Suffolk, with Ipswich—Mr. Recorder Preston and Mr. H. J. Perry. West Suffolk, including Bury, Eye, and Sudbury—Mr. Evans and Mr. Maltby.

Bedfordshire—Mr. Austin and Mr. Rose.

Buntingdonshirc--Mr, Gurdon and My. Burch..

The High Constable, Mr. Ridley, has been appointed Returning Officer of Brighton. Mr. J. Fleming has been appointed the Returning Officer for Blackburn. Mr. Otway Cave has been elected member for Tipperary. There was no opposition. Mr. Butler resigned in his favour. It is hardly necessary to say that Mr. Cave was elected instead of Lord Hutcheson. Mr. Cave took his seat on Thursday.