18 AUGUST 1832, Page 12



On the 11th lint., HARRIS PRENDERGAST, Of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.. Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of Col. Jeffery Prendergast. Military Auditor-General at Madras, to It ANNA II MARY ELIZABETH, only daughter of' the Rev. Thomas Fry, Rector of Emberton, Bucks. On the 13th inst., at Merton, RICHARD lizaza WRIGHTSON, Esq., to the Hun. Enna- BETH Attourre DE GREY, eldest daughter of Lord Walsingham. At Longford, the HOU. W. OSBORNE, 10th Hussars, to Miss EMMA SMITH. • At Haudsworth, Staffordshire, JOHN RAWLINS, Esq., of Edgbaston, Warwickshire, to SARAH, youngest daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. A. J. Mac Donnell, of Lochgarry. On the 8th inst., at St. James's Church, Bath, GEORGE Atronsrus WOW/II/ROE. Esq., youngest son of Col. Woodforde, of Araf00.. House, Somerset, IO HARRIETT MARY, eldest daughter of the Rev. W. Leir, of Dicheat Rectory, in the same county. On the 14th inst., at Christ Church, St. Marylebone, STEPHEN H. MARLOWE, Esq., of • Nottingham Place, to MISS CHARLOTTE ANN DODSWORTM, Of Dorset Place. On the 13th inst.. at the Parish Church of VVelwyn, Herts, Joan VILLESIS SHELLEY, • Esq., eldest son of Sir John Shelley, Bart., of Mansfield Park, Sussex, to LOUISA ELIZA. BETH Atom, only child of the Rev. Samuel Jolmes Knight, of Henley Hall, Salop, and Rector of Welwyn. On the 15th inst., at AR Saints Church, Southampton, BEAUCHAMP, third son of the late Lord Charles Beauchamp Kerr. grandson of the late Marquis of Lothian, amid Cap- tain of the 35th Regiment, to CAROLINE ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late James Irwin, Esq., of the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service. On the 15th inst., at Buckland Church, near Dover, MILES CHARLES SETON, Esq. of the 95th Regiment, eldest sail of Lieut.-Col. Seton, C.B, to ANN MARIA, only child of the late Josms Cocke, Esq., of Camborne, Cornwall. On the 15th inst., at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, THOMAS HARVEY BOTELER, Esq.. - to HELEN AGNES, fifth daughter of the late James West, Esq.', of Bryanston Square. On the 15th inst., at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, Captain CARPENTER, of the Ma- dras Army, to ELIZA MARGARET, fifth daughter of the late K. F. Mackenzie, Esq., of . Montagu Street, Portman Square. • On the 14th inst., at Gosford House, N. B.. WILLIAM FORBES, Esq. of Callender, Stirling. to the Lady Lama CHARTERIS, fifth daughter of the Earl of Wemyss and March.

On the 16th inst., at Brighton, the Viscount BERNARD, son of the Earl of Bandon, IO CATHERINE Kum eldest daughter of Thomas Whitmore, Esq, of Apley Park, Shrop-

shire. _ BIRTHS.

At 'Woolchester Park, the Hon. Mrs. MORETON, of a son.

On the 13th inst., in Spring Gardens. the wife ofJoinv S. GRAVES, Esq.. of a son. On the 13th inst., the Lady of H. P. Carron, Esq., of a son.

On the 11th inst., in Audley Square, the wife of D. BAILLIE. Esq., of a son. On the 12th inst., the Lady of Joan Gottoom, Esq.. or Gower Street, Bedford Square,

of a daughter.

On the 12th inst., at Membland Hall, Devon, the Lady of ROBERT ROBERTSON, Esq.,

of a daughter.

On the 4th inst., Mrs. HESKETII FLEETWOOD, of Rossall Hall, of a daughter. On the 16th inst., at West Ham, Essex, the Lady of JAMES Ws:Hers:a, Esq., of Bal.

muir, Forfarshire, N.B., of a son.

. On the 12th inst, at Newbottle Abbey. the Marchioness of LOTHIAN, of a son and


On the 15th inst, at Stackpole Court, the Countess of CAWDOR, of a daughter.

On the 15th inst, at Waldershare Park, the Countess of Gt.:ILFORD, of a sou.

On the 15th inst., at Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire, the Lady of Sir 4: ZUEOE II. W.

BEAUSIONT, Bart., of a SOIL On the 15th Inst., at Dunsford. Devon, the Reverend DACRES ADAMS, Vicar of Pinhoe to ANNA MARIA, eldest daughter of Baldwin Fulfittd, Esq. ot Great Fulford. On the 14th inst., at Tottenham Church, Lientenant-General ARMSTRONG, IO MARY ESTHER, second daughter of Montag Artemidorus RusMI, Esq., of Cheshunt Park, Harts, and a lineal descendant of the Protector Oliver Cromviell. On the 16th inst., at St. George's Church, E DWAUD THOMAS FOLEY, Esq., of Stoke Edith Park, Hetefordshire, M.P, to the Lady Emmy Goan** daughter of the Duke of Montrose.


On the 9th inst., at Lillingstone-Dayrell. Bucks, in his 77th year; the Rev. ZINN LANGHAM DAYRELL. Ile hail been Rector of that parish fifty-one years:, awl Vicar of Stowe for nearly the same period. • On the 12th inst., at his residence, 57, York Terrace, Regent's Park, TWDM AS MOR- TON, Esq., in his 75th year ; twenty-three years an elder brother of the Trinit7 House. At Fytield. Berks, of cholera, in his 29th year, the Rev. E. PARI/IS NEW, Perpetual Curate of Northmoor, Oxford.

On the 13th inst., at Hall Place, St. John's Wood, Major-General Sir CHARLES. ASH- WORTH, K.C.B. and K.T.S.

On the 15th inst. at her house in Baker Street, Portman Square, fit her 105th year MARY, widow of the late Michael White, ESq., Governor of Montserrat. On the 17th inst. in his 70th year, at his house in Portland Place, SAMUEL l'exca Esq., of Idleeote, Warwickshire.