18 AUGUST 1832, Page 13


Arrived—At Gravesend, Aug. 13th, Theodosia, Todd, from Bombay ; 14th, H. C. S. Mangles, Carr, from China and Quebec ; and Lotus, Summerson, from New South Wales. , Off Margate, 16th, Integrity, Ord, from ditto. In the Clyde. 13th, Mary, Mer- chant, from Mauritius. At New South Wales, March 9th, Eliza, Cratgie, font. London.,. Sailed—From Gravesend, August 10th, Mary, Jameson, for New South Wale.; 11th,, Ann and Amelia, Compton, for Bengal; 12th., Lord .W. Bentinek, Hutchinson, for Ma- dras; and W. Thompson, Stewart, for Mauritius ; Rosslyn Castle, Riebards, for New South Wales ; 17tb. Eleanor; Mactageart, for Bombay.