18 AUGUST 1832, Page 6

On Monday, a man of decentappcaraoce, named John Roberts, was

'charged with forging a draft on Baring, Brothers, and Co. On the 24th of last month, Roberts went to the shop of Mr. Manton, the guns maker, and said he wanted a gun, such as his brother, Mr. Gore Lang- ton, had had. He was shown several guns, one of' which he selected. He then asked to see some pistols, and selected one pair for himself, and another he said he intended to present to his brother. He also took a fancy to a powder-magazine of' a curious construction. The bill amounted to ea He then took out his purse, and put a bank-note for 50l. on the counter, saying, he thought he had brought more money with him. He then presented a bill for 167/. as., dated July 3, drawn by A. Mackenzie, on Baring and Brothers, and accepted by the hitter. Mr. Hudson took the bill without the least suspicion, and gave Roberts 41 check on W. Call mid Co., the bankers, of Regent Street, for 82/. is. ; being the difference between the amount of the articles pur- chased, and the bill. It was very soon discovered that the bill was a forgery. At Bow Street, where Roberts was examined, Mr. Hudson identified him at once. A. Mr. Parkins, with whom he had changed a 5/. note, obtained at Sir W. Call's, also identified him. Ile had, it .appeared, been traced to Oxford, where he was arrested.

Mr. Halls asked him what he had to say for himself? „The -prisoner, who from the moment he entered the dock, corns micuced reading a small pocket Prayer Book, from which he• never raised his eyes during the examination, closed the book, and said, " I am judged by man already, both in soul and body; but (pointing to the book) my faith .will be sufficient to carry me through mine enemies. • Earthly judgment I have received; but small is that judgment, com- pared with the spiritual judgment of Him by whom the secrets of all

• hearts are known. Mine enemies have been sent forth with swords and-staves against me. I hope they will pursue,ine to the uttermost, for I am doomed to persecution, but am ready to forgive even those who conspire against me.'

He was remanded.

William NOwlan, an Irishman, was charged at Thames Street Police Office on Monday, with a desperate attack on his brother-in-law, one PaL. trick Preston. There was it second charge against him for cutting-his wife and his sister-in-law. Nowlan and Preston had, it appeared, quarrelled the evening before, and fought ; when Nowlan struck Preston re- peatedly with a knife. He was remanded until Preston's state was ascertained.

A man named Heaven was committed, on Monday, from Marylebone Office, on a charge of forging to a bill of 15/. Is. 6d. the names of Messrs. Whittaker, Treacher, and Arnett, Ave Maria Lane. There was a second charge for forging a bill of 29/. 10s. on the same firm; but the bill not being payable, the case was not gone into.