18 AUGUST 1866, Page 2

Siitteen e lec , lies of persoweeleaddetecholeraleveee left in the dead- liceeee-ef -St. George's-in-ten-Elle

nubtirie/eftereecne dela The faceives stated to the Chokera, *lief C.eineniebee at the Mansion House on Wednesday, and the cause assigned was that nobody would find the money. At last the parochial authorities buried them, as they ought to have done at first. Frederick the Great once had to meeethateeina,of difficulty, and met it. Some.prieet, without brain enough to perceive that burial is before all- things a sanitary measure, declined to bury a parishioner because,he was unbaptized, or. a sinner, or something. " Keep the body in his room till he does," ordered the cool monarch, and the priest some-

how found that conscience was ill-informed. A few:" bodies" in the board-room might work a still more beneficial:emelt. •