18 AUGUST 1866, Page 23

Welave also received a new and enlarged• edition of the

Solwol Atlas- of Classical Geography, by Alex. "Keith.Johnston, LL.D., &c. (Black- wood), with additional maps and names, a oompleteindex, with modern equivalents, and the special attraction'of ,Mr. Giadstone's cooperation, "who not. only placed at the editor's disposal the illustrations. to his- work on 'Homer, but enhanced the-favour by revising the proof-sheets. of the plates and text as adapted for this' atlas"--oertainly the most complete work of the' kind ; Uncle Crotty's Relations, by 'Herbert Olya '(Smith and Elder): and Grey's Court, edited by Lady Chatterbon (Smith and Elder), two new volumes of. the Monthly Library ; .4".111anual of Weathencasts and Storm Prognostics, compiled- by Andrew Steinmetz. (Routledge), a shilling volnme that explains in a satisfactory way the, modern theory of weather prophecy ; the -Modern Gymnast,' by C. Spencer (Warne), a little book by a sensible man, who is aware of the- difficulty Of teaching matters of.this kindmpon Taper ; a ;Lland.1/3eok of the Law of Trustees, 'by. Uylin, Esq., TT., Barrister-at-Law• (Effingham Wilson),• belonging to the well. known shilling series ; VoL L of an edition of Shakespeare (Bradbury and Evans), that is intended for the pocket or the knapsack, and which• for elearnestrof typeand trust- 'worthiness of text is deserving of all commendation—the present volume contains the "Tempest," " Two Gentlenaen bf. Verona," and " Comedy of-Errors," and is delightfully small ; the Victoria Picture Spelling Book (Warne), a cheap volume well and liberally illustrated ; and finally, a new edition of My Guitar (Bosworth), a .ghost story, which the .author has printed with the view of supplyingthe -necessities- of sick clergy- men, ten of whom have already received a pound apiece through the instrumentality of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who approves of the project, as also, it appears, by a series of notes printed like the- e:recessive editions of an evening paper, do tho Queen, the Princess of Wales, the foreign ambassadors, and the nobility in 'general.