18 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

London was startled on Thursday evening by placards announc- ing

that thirty Frenchmen had been :cooked and eaten. Under the belief, we suspect, that.the scene bad occurred. in France, the evening papers were eagerly purchased, when it turned out that thirty men had indeed been eaten,. but by the natives of New Caledonia, who had always been cannibals. They were a boat's -crew -belonging to the Fulton, and. their comrades in revenge killed every native they-could find. We are not informed that they ate them also, but suppose-, the Javengers had happened to .like boiled or haricoted New Caledonian? Evidently this people has to disappear, like the New Zealanderi who will be gone, after an, before London Bridge, but will, the French replace them ? They are not very fond of- foggy islands 16,000 miles from Paris.