18 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The American Congress separated for recess amidst "tears and .elialeracings,"

which strike the runes as very ridiculous, but which -if they occurred in England when Parliament separated, believing a civil war at hand, would be pronounced very solemn. The President.has at last taken what will be regarded in the North as a Anal step. The Legislature of Louisiana, which is liberal, called a State Convention to admit negroes. to the -suffrage, and the pro- slavery majority resolved to auppress.its meeting. They obtained -a decree of the State Supreme Court, and.in defiance of a procla., mation of the Governor, called on the police, who are pro- slavery, attacked the building in which the Convention. were sitting, succeeded in carrying out many, delegates and many negroes-, who had armed to defend- them, and beat them -to death. Very few delegates escaped unhurt, and ten or twelve were killed, with other whites and upwards of a hundred negroes. Order was restored by the military, but the defeated party appealed to the President, who ordered General-Sheridan to support them in .-suppressing the Convention.. Mr. Johnson gives as hisreason that the Convention was called by a minority, which is true, but sub- etantiiilly -he has ordered the army to assist -the South 'against the North:the slaveholde,rs -against the freemen: He resorts to force to upset the decision of the war, and the Liberals have now no option but-to impeach him, a measure he will resist as illegal-while the South continues expelled. His order to go on massacring men whose only fault is their wish to extend the suffrage to negroes finishes his last chance-of victory at the polls.