18 AUGUST 1906, Page 23

Eleusis. Translated from the French of Demetrios Philios by Hamilton

Gatliff. (Sidney Appleton. 5s. net.)—It is a little odd that Mr. Gatliff disclaims responsibility for the " historical and archaeological opinions expressed" by Dr. Philios, and that Dr. Philios himself declines to authorise the translation because he cannot make the corrections which recent discoveries seem to him to demand. Nevertheless, the little volume is worth reading, while much of its contents can be in no need of change. The history of Eleusis, which from the earliest time, when it was a rival of Athens, down to recent times has been eventful, is here. Dr. Philios, too, was director of the excavations during the years 1882-94, and must know as much about the place as any one. As for the real character of the Mysteries, nothing is likely to throw much snore light upon the subject than what is now available. Dr. Philios takes what we may call the "orthodox" view, and supports it with no little learning. We must not forget to say that the profits of the book are to be given to the " sick and poor of Eleusis."