18 AUGUST 1906, Page 23

Memorials of a 'Warwickshire Family. By the Rev. Bridgemaa G.

F. C. W. Boughton-Leigh. (H. Frowde. 10s. net.)—Mr. Boughton-Leigh gives many interesting particulars about ancestors, direct and collateral, and about the localities with which they were connected, Rugby being the chief place of the region described. The thanks of many who are not directly con- cerned with the matters here discussed are due to the author. He sets or follows an excellent example. The one thing which we feel bound to criticise unfavourably is the reference to personal affairs. For example, there seems to have been some disappoint- ment in respect of a certain presentation to a benefice, and the author puts in a note :—"The Rev. —, who was appointed Vicar in opposition to a petition signed by six hundred of the parishioners, died, aged 42 years, a few weeks after his institution, before commencing his residence at the Vicarage."