17 AUGUST 1944, Page 1

he Security Conference

Delegates from Great Britain, the United States and Russia have treacly assembled at New York for the conference on post-war eeurity which opens at Dumbarton Oaks next Monday, to be ()limed a little later by a conference in which China will take the 'lace of Russia. The indications are that they start with a con- derable measure of agreement. The Russians appear to be hinkine along the same lines as the. British and the Americans desiring a peace organisation consisting of an .executive Council f the Great Powers and an Assembly of other Powers, and in reject- g the idea of an international police force but favouring the main- nauce of an international air forca as a quick-moving instrument gainst aggressors. There may be differences of -view to be resolved egarding the conditions under which sanctions against an c'gressor should come into effect. Perhaps it is just as well that I this stage the Republican candidate, Mr. Dewey, should have

HE news this week from the south as well as fro the north coine out with a statement denouncing any scheme to subject the