17 AUGUST 1944, Page 1

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s soon as it can be got into working order will be a valuable ddition to disembarkation facilities in northern France. Up to the resent the invasion of the Riviera has gone according to plan, and erhaps even better in view of the slightness of the opposition that as yet been encountered. It is one of the amazing things in this ar that on so many occasions, and notably in the landing in uthern France, perfectly co-ordinated operations should be arried out by such mixed forces of the Allies. The putting of the wading army ashore, it is insisted, is the responsibility of the avy, and the naval units concerned this week were British, nadian, United States, Netherlands,.Polish, Greek and Belgian. he forces landed were American, British and French. The next lece of co-ordination required—and it is to be hoped it will be qually carefully arranged—will be with the French Maquis, who re capable of rendering invaluable help in the Rhone valley and in entral France.