17 AUGUST 1944, Page 11

I ant sorry Sir Herbert Grierson saw fit to credit

me with opinions not express in my letter for the pleasure of demolishing them, 'aril/ as we seem fundamentally of the same opinion. Sir Her- ?glees that we must take steps to prevent another war, even to n War criminals. I think these ends cannot be achieved without opposition from the German people, opposition which we must solved to overcome at all costs. Sir Herbert thinks we should the Germans to bring about these, desirable ends themselves outside intervention.

This is the fact: three times in less than a century the German people have chosen as leaders men of flagrant dishonesty and insane ambition. In 187o Bismarck and the Ems telegram, in 1914 the Kaiser, his war party and the Scrap of Paper, and now Hitler, with his shame- less violation of promises and treaties, unspeakab'e treatment of defence- less enemies and gigantic attacks upon countries without declaration of war. The German people have applauded all these leaders, while they are successful.

This is the hypothesis: after this war the German people will change and place their leadership in the hands of men of honour and justice. Knowing the facts, I cannot accept the hypothesis, but Sir Herbert Grierson can. This is where we disagree. I leave it to your readers to judge which of *us has his thoughts governed by logic and which by