17 AUGUST 1944, Page 11



—In reply to Lord Vansittart: I never suggested that anti-Nazi rmans had shown as much courage as they should, though more than credits them with. My point was that it must be much harder for mans to plot and execute successful resistance against their own all- vasive Government than for Frenchmen, Danes, &c., to do it against elatively small occupying force and a hated minority of their Quisling ow-countrymen, Also the French, Danes, &c., have everything to n and nothing to lose by our victory—Germans who hate Hitlerism love their country may well feel torn and hesitate to fight actively us when they contemplate the kind of future which an Allied victory

I bring upon it if Lord Vansittart and some of the Allies have their

for my supposed Germanism, is it likely, considering that for r two years my chief interest outside my constituency has lain in its to rescue the victims of Nazi cruelty?—Yours faithfully, ELEANOR F. RATHBONE.

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