17 AUGUST 1944, Page 18

The Naturalist in India Some further notes of admiration have.

reached me (from Indian neighbourhood) about a certain genius in the life of jungle, who incidentally has been educating some of our t in woodlore. In August, 1918, General Monash got his up close to the front line without being heard by the device smothering the noise with the sound of aeroplanes. So this (ores He has been singularly successful in the use of cine-camera drowning the sound of its mechanism by the continuous whi of bird notes In America naturalists frequently use ar instruments that imitate song or call-notes, and so entice to their neighbourhood. We need such artificial aids less England thanks to the intimacy of the country. The jungles the United Provinces where the colonel in question has deve his genius are on another plane. There, thanks to his p skill and knowledge of habit, not less than to his gift of imita the old naturalist has recently made, I am told, astonis films of tiger, leopard, deer and other animals taken at very quarters.