18 AUGUST 1967, Page 2

Portrait of the week

A stormy week in the East: in Vietnam Americ4an pilots bombed targets ten miles from the Chinese border, in Tibet the Panchen Lama languished in jail, and travellers reached Hong Kong with tales of bodies strung on trees and lamp-posts, hundreds killed. or wounded in street battles in Canton and fierce fighting throughout China. Gurkhas on the Hong.Kong border forced back Chinese mobs with tear gas and at gunpoint.

At home, the pirate radios passed away on Tues- day amid solemn music and mourning crowds of fans, though pirate disc jockeys mostly lived to right again ashore on the noes new pop channel. Radio Caroline soldiered on alone, with frequent ads which injured admen claimed were bogus. Earthquakes wrought havoc in the Pyrenees while on the Mediterranean the Fanny Cradocks' yacht blew up and the Richard Burtons somehow mislaid theirs. Police seized a consignment of gold about to be shipped out of Newhaven. Notwithstandirfg the much-improved trade returns for July, national security was said to be involved.

Dr Kiesinger flew to Washington, George Brown to Oslo and Roy Jenkins was in trouble when parents, boys and staff supported by the NUT protested vigorously against his intemperate closing of Court Lees approved school. Zambia's High Commissioner repeated that Britain had no teeth.

In Nigeria, General Gowon ordered all-out war on the Biafran rebels who were reported moving north, and a new break-away occurred in the Mid- West region. kn Cornwall, wild mink roamed the countryside but Ministry officials had an Alsatian dog in training t wipe out the menace. The National Eisteddfod in Wales was said to be .a staggering financial success. In India, fifty-nine princes banded together to defend their privy purses against the government, while police fired on crowds looting for food.

The Picasso exhibition closed in London and Picasso's giant sculpture for the Chicago Civic

Centre was unveiled, bringing small joy to the Wals. John Neville withdrew-his resignation as director. of the Nottingham Playhouse,. to thee gratification of Miss Jennie Lee and the dismay of. the playhouse board, who showed no wish. to have ._him back again. . An :Australian stamp .fatured two naked women, in honotir of the Fifth World Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.