18 AUGUST 1967, Page 22

Don't stay away

Sir: Despite this not being the year for Mr Fischer to visit Greece, he has decided it must be for the rest of us. He has to be kidding. The only hard reason he can offer is uncrowdedness. But this is itself a symptom of the boycott he wishes to end, as well as of the expulsion of columnists and others the Greek government cannot trust.

They might have thought twice about expelling Mr Fischer, who seems to be doing his best to deserve their trust. He begs us to weaken the government by making Greece prosperous. But

when has this ever worked against a fascist regime? Is the booming tourist trade of Spain making Franco uneasy?

Now about those beggars and vendors. If one is hypocritical enough to try to reconcile the comfort of a vacation with any vague charity aims, there are blind beggars and street vendors in at least thirty other countries where one may spend a vacation; some of them are non-fascist. But instead of tossing a copper to a beggar near the uncrowded Akropolis, why shouldn't the charitable reader contribute his travel allowance to helping alleviate the Bihar famine?

John T. Sladek 64 Abbey Road, London NW8