18 AUGUST 1967, Page 3

From IOM to PMG


The spider's web—how exquisitely fine To weave a web for Radio Caroline. Menaced by higher frequency of waves, The Manx stand firm, the Britons wilt like slaves And broadcast music, fluttering o'er the breeze, Seeks and finds refuge in the House of Keys. Shall universal nature's protestations Not find its voice at the United Nations, Or, should restraint not go as far as that, At least before the Secretariat?

Be sure, no pirate radio walks its planks Before the men of Sodor or of Manx. So Man proposes—and, 'tis true, 'tis odder, One hears so very little about Sodor-- Sodor be damned—our isle is full of noises, And flowering hippies with their hideous

poises— Rockers abound—and who shall dare to stop The cries of crooning and the songs of pop? Speak for thyself. Presume not-mod to ban. The proper study of mankind is Man.