18 DECEMBER 1886, Page 1


THERE has been another turn of the European kaleidoscope, and affairs for the moment look much more peaceful. The Bulgarian Delegates have offered the Throne to Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg, and he has accepted it, subject to the approval of the Powers. This Prince is the son of the late head of the Catholic branch of the Cobnrgs, and the Princess Clementine, daughter of Louis Philippe. He is a Lieutenant in the Austrian service, and only twenty-five ; but he has travelled and studied, speaks many languages, and is believed by those who know him to possess a full share of the family ability. He is, of course, a connection of most of the reigning families, and has the additional advantage of being very rich for a Prince, having inherited the great Hungarian estates of the Coburg-Koharis, and expecting large sttills in money from his mother. He is a Catholic ; but the Catholicism of Coburgs, though it may take them to Heaven, does not visibly hamper them much on earth. It is known that Austria, Germany, and England will accept him ; and the Czar, though he postpones consent, is reported only to be waiting till the Regents have resigned. The Prince himself evidently thinks that he will be elected, and that Bulgaria will become the Belgium of Eastern Europe ; and, as we have said elsewhere, it is reasonable to believe that he has grounds for the opinion.