18 DECEMBER 1886, Page 23

Daughters of Italy. By Caroline Gearey. (Simpkin and Marshall.) —Four

lives cf famous Italian women are given in this volume, the four being Olympia Morata, Anne of Este, Marie Therese of Savoy (better known as the Princess° de Lamballe), and Juliette, Marchioness of Barolo, a philanthropist who may be called the Elizabeth Fry of Italy. These two friends of the poor and unhappy were, indeed, friends, corresponding regularly, though they never met. Juliette died at Turin in 18134, being then nearly eighty years old.

Seldom has a life been more nobly spent ; and it is sympathetically recorded here, partly from the memoirs of one whom the Marchioness befriended in his last years, Silvio Pellko.