18 DECEMBER 1886, Page 24

Gladys Ramsay, a Soldier's Daughter. By Mrs. M. Douglas, (Griffith,

Ferran, and Co.)—This "story for girls" may be described as a love-story of the didactic kind. There are two young ladies concerned in it besides the heroine, and they are all married before the end arrives. One is of the sly kind, not often found, we trust, in real life. She hides objectionable books in a companion's chest of drawers, and carries on flirtations with drawing and music-masters ; another is of the reformable kind who has to be rescued from bad influences ; as for the heroine, she is perfection, as good as she is pretty. Apart from the objection that there is too much of the love element in the story—as it is the staple of novels, it should be very sparingly used in these tales—the book is worthy of praise, as being well written and well illustrated.