18 DECEMBER 1886, Page 24

Jonas Haggerley. By J. Jackson Wray. (J. F. Shaw.)—Mr. Wray's

glory does not commend itself for moderation of style or probability of incident. Jonas is as thorough a villain as ever was drawn. Scarcely a gleam of light is allowed to relieve the shadows of his character. But Jonas is quite natural compared to the hermit, "Old Ephraim." How any one not a lunatic could have masqueraded in such a fashion it is impossible to conceive. Still, if a reader will take the probabilities for granted, he will find Jonas Haggerley an enter- taining story. Virtue is made to go through some very hard places, but is handsomely rewarded at last. Meanwhile, there is plenty of incident and adventure, and the moral of the whole is excellent.