18 DECEMBER 1886, Page 3

The " Gresham Committee" of the Common Council are in

the agonies of travail with a double purpose. They want to make more of their endowments than they do, but they also want to preserve the Gresham foundation with as little altera- tion as possible. So they have been pressing their lecturers to enlarge the scope of their lectures, with some rather odd results. For instance, the lecturer on geometry has suggested that mineralogy and geology might be included as " cognate " with the subject of his chair. We should have thought these sub- jects about as cognate with geometry, as the study of books is with the study of bookbinding, and not more. However, the Common Council were not at all satisfied with the report of the Gresham Committee, and referred the subject of reforms back to it for further consideration. The truth is, that what the Gresham Committee ought to do is to pass over the organisation of the Gresham College into the hands of an adequate staff of learned men.