18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 13


venture to think that it is important that "Reform of the House of Lords" should constitute one of the planks of the Unionist platform at the forthcoming General Election, and I do so for the following reasons :—(I) That the House of Lords itself and a considerable section of the Unionist Party have long been in favour of such a reform of that House as will place its constitution otpon a more modern basis and popu- larise and strengthen it in the country; (2) that such reform should put an end to most of the vituperation of which it is at present the object ; and (3) that we may thereby forestall the Radicals, who wish to reform it, practically, out of existence. It seems to me that there are many voters who cordially dislike the Budget and the present Government, but who disapprove also of the constitution of the Upper House, and would hesitate to vote on its side except under a promise of reform. Whereas Radicals are appealing to the country to abolish the House of Lords, Unionists should ask the country to reform and strengthen it. They would thus, I think, gain many votes of moderate men.—I am, Sir, &c., Oakleigh, Bromborough, Cheshire. W. P. Hustn.