18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 14


SIS,—You are quite right when you say that "it is very unsatisfactory that the House of Lords only acts when a Liberal Ministry is in power," &c. (Spectator, December 11th); and although a great number of working men agree that the Lords did quite right in sending the Budget to the people for their opinion before passing it, they are by no means so sure that practically all the measures sent to the Upper Chamber when the Conservatives have been in power have been good (although they have passed them), and all legisla- tion by the Liberals when in power has been bad, to be either mutilated or rejected by the Lords. It appears quite time we had a "reformed" Upper Chamber, which will supervise impartially all measures sent up to it, whichever party is in power; and I am convinced that a great many more votes would be given for the present Opposition if it were officially announced that they were in favour of a "reformed" Upper