18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 17



Suk,—The Municipality of Seville are cotnetnplating an act of vandalism which, if it cannot be prevented, should at least be made known to all who are interested in Roman remains. With the professed desire to beautify the town, they are planning the demolition of the Roman aqueduct known as the Carlos de Carmona, which has supplied Seville with watet for the last two thousand years, and of the last remaining fragments of the Roman walls, both of which, owing to peculiar features in their restoration by the Moslems, are among the first objects of interest to foreign artists and architects visiting Seville. A protest from the English Society for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments might do some good; even a letter from a member of the English Society would carry weight; and if any member feels sufficiently interested to address such a letter to me, I shall be glad to place it before friends on the Municipal Council who feel as I do in the matter.—I am, Sir, &c.,