18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 2

A special meeting of the National Directory of the United

Irish League was held on Tuesday in Dublin. The pro- ceedings were private, but a report was issued to the news- papers. The following resolution was adopted on the motion of Mr. John Redmond "That we have read with great satisfaction the statement made by the Prime Minister on Friday last that fall self-government for Ireland in all Irish affairs is the policy of the Liberal Party, and that the Liberal Party claims a mandate from the electorate to deal with the Irish question on these lines as soon as the veto' of the Lords is cleared out of the road; We observe with great pleasure that this declaration of the Prime 'ffinister has been universally denounced by the Unionist Press of England as a

revival of Home-rule in its worst form and a return to the position of Mr. Gladstone ; And, in view of those facts, we most heartily advise the United Irish League of Great Britain to use the Irish vote to support the Liberal and Labour Parties so as most effectually to contribute to the defeat of the House of Lords and the anti-Irilh party in the coming General Election."

On Wednesday this resolution was confirmed by the Irish Parliamentary Party. Mr. Asquith's undertaking will, of course, mobilise the whole Irish vote in Great Britain in his favour, but it is not to be forgotten that it will bring into the field against him a very great number of balancing electors, who we believe grow more determined as time passes that the Union shall never be destroyed.