18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 2

The Times of Thursday contained a summary of an article

by M. Cruppi, the Minister of Commerce in the Clemenceau Cabinet, discussing the work done hitherto by the Commission for reforming French judicial procedure. The changes recommended are mainly, as might have been expected, in the direction of strengthening the position of the Judge by giving him a more impartial outlook. He is to be relieved of the duty of cross-examining both the prisoner and the witnesses; and the Commission is even considering whether he should not receive the assistance of the jury in deter- mining the nature of the sentence. M. Cruppi expresses the hope that the new position of the Judge as arbitrator will lead to a more even-handed administration of justice. Another welcome reform is described in the same issue of the Times. By a decision last July the Cony de Caseation laid it down as a principle of French legal practice that a. will executed in English form by an Englishman or other alien resident in France will be regarded as valid in accordance with his national law.