18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 25

READABLE NOVELE.—The Oath of Allegiance, and other Stories. By Elizabeth

Stewart. (A. Constable and Co. 6s.)—Eleven short stories which will please, in various degrees and various ways. " His Soul to Keep" is perhaps the most characteristic of the author.— Woodhays. By Ernest F. Pierce. (J. W. Arrowsmith, Bristol. 6s.)—A pretty story of gardening and love. John Gale lets his house with delightful gardens, and stops on as gardener, undetected. How about his accent P—The Submarine Girl. By Edgar Turner. (Stanley Paul and Co. 68.)—A tale brimful of wonders.—King Hal of Heronsea. By W. Willmott Dixon. (Chatto and Windus. 6s.)—" King Hal" takes our fancy at once, and we do not lose our liking for him.