18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 25


[Under this lieadin we not:ce such Books of the week as hays not been reserved for review in other forms.]

Facts of Radical Misgovernment and the Home Rule Question Down to Date. (Irish Unionist Alliance, 109 Grafton Street, Dublin.)—This is a very seasonable publication. It is a col- lection of facts, extracts from speeches, pamphlets, &c., bearing on the Home-rule quo:-:tion, a question which will be before the electorate in the approaching struggle. Irish leaders have two voices, one meant for English, the other for Irish ears. Perhaps we might say there is a third, for the tones used on the other side of the Atlantic have a stridency about them which is not often to be heard on this. But the real meaning of the utterances is clear. "If a man is a Nationalist," says one of the organs of the party, "he must ipso facto be a Disloyalist." That is plain speaking, and every English elector ought to realise what it means.