18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 3

Sir Edward Grey, speaking at Wooler on Monday night, said

that the great increase in national expenditure was due to the Navy and old-age pensions. After arguing that this expenditure was necessary, he went on to consider the means proposed by the Budget to meet it, and declared that it was the intention of the Government to place the taxes where they would be least burdensome. "The more wealth accumulated in a few hands, the nearer we should be to Socialism. The Budget was something which staved off Socialism, while Tariff Reform would bring it nearer." On the same evening at Dunbar Mr. Haldane delivered a detailed criticism of Mr. Balfour's manifesto. He said that the party which was supposed to be Constitutional had introduced a coup d'etal, which was indeed a stroke at the Constitution. He had no fear of Socialism if the people were left free. He knew one way which would lead to Socialism, and that was to put a tax on the necessaries of life. That was one reason why he was against Tariff Reform, and would fight it tooth and nail.