18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 3

We do not know how or when the German Government

might consider that the necessity had arisen. But it is so clear that it easily might arise that it would be lunacy on our part to disregard the possibility. There is no reason to suppose that the deliberate policy of Germany under which Denmark was beaten in 1864, Austria in 1866, and France in 1870 has in any way changed. Our readers will remember the remark- able series of papers by " Vigilans sed Aequas " (the late Mr. W. T. Arnold) which we published a few years ago giving in great detail the kind of evidence which Mr. Blatchford is now producing more cursorily. Mr. Blotch- ford's sincerity is undoubted; whatever use his articles may be put to as a stalking-horse during the elections, he himself, as a convinced Socialist, need not be accused of any desire to weaken the attack on the House of Lords.