18 DECEMBER 1926, Page 1

. When there is scarcity and prices soar upwards, a

remedy will be demanded, and it may then be possible to persuade the Chinese to distinguish between the good sides of nationalism and the bad. The bad sides are mostly due to the Russian intervention. When that is better under- stood in China it ought to be much easier to deal with the Kuomintang Government, undoubtedly the greatest force which has risen in China for a long time. The correspondent of the Daily Express says that it is the aim of the Kuomintang to treat with the Powers independently and thus to indicate that the old Treaties are no longer in force. It would be very unwise .for the Powers to fall out of line in their dealings with China, but even so some Power will have to take the lead in inaugur- ating the inevitable new era, and we sincerely hope that that Power will be Great Britain.