18 DECEMBER 1926, Page 1

In a later message the correspondent says that a small

minority of British South Africans treat General Hertzog'S statement as " mere hypocrisy." But the vast majority have plain reason on their side when they point out that his words will always be on record, and that he clearly intended to burn his boats. Some recalcitrance, however, seems to be inevitable on both sides. There is a rumou* that Maritz, the former rebel, is trying to raise the back veld ,against General Hertzog and Mr. Tielman Roos as traitors. The rumour may be untrue, but in any case it is not really unwelcome as Dutch disaffection against General Hertzog is the surest means of convincing the doubtful British minority of General Hertzog's sincerity. We have written in a leading article about the flag con- troversy but may say here that Dr. Ma'am, the Minister of the Interior, is trying to commit General Hertzog to go on with the Flag Bill, whereas Mr. Tielman Roos is advising him to drop it.