18 DECEMBER 1926, Page 1

News of the Week G ENERAL HERTZOG on his return to

South Africa on Monday made a memorable speech. It proved that Mr. Tielman Roos, the acting Prime Minister, did not speak incautiously last week when he predicted that General Hertzog would publicly profess himself an enthusiastic convert to the new style Imperialism. General Hertzog declared emphatically that he no longer " feared the Empire." All his life he had opposed Imperialism because he had feared the Empire. The reason was that the Empire had been represented as a sort of super-State. That conception, however, had been destroyed for him by the recent Imperial Conference. There was no longer any question of domination and superiority over the Dominions. He went on to say that though he could not pretend to the love for Great Britain which was felt by South Africans of British descent he acknowledged that if he himself were of British descent he, would feel all the more respect and love for Great Britain now, as the country ,which " through free institutions and a common-sense use of them had made the younger nations as free as herself."