18 DECEMBER 1926, Page 18


see that Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, himself a Scot, has been attacking Scotch oatmeal porridge and saying that better Scotsmen could be produced if we gave up our national oatmeal and ate instead wheatmeal porridge with currants in it. Maybe this is true, but quite apart from the question whether it is desirable or possible to produce better Scots, does he not know that currants are already as much a national food of the Scots as the porridge he would reform ? I think most of your readers will support me in this.

From time immemorial Scotch cakes have been the best in the world—even English and Irish housewives will admit that—and it is not without significance that the first food eaten in every Scotch home as the clock strikes in the New Year is black currant bun. Ever since I was a youngster I can remember it.

I think Scotland might well reply to Sir William's sally by suggesting to the New Health Society that it introduce the charming currant bun habit into the more austere New Year festivals in English homes.—I am, Sir, &e., Wm. FYFFE.

The Hippodrome, Manchester.