18 DECEMBER 1936, Page 2

Berlin and Chicago Both Berlin and Chicago on Tuesday showed

the effects of Germany's attempt to achieve economic self- sufficiency. In Berlin the Institute of Business Research told German housewives to cut down consumption of meat, pork, butter and eggs, owing to a shortage of supplies, and to change from animal to vegetable foods. Until now supplies of bread have been unlimited, but owing to a deficiency in the harvests of wheat and rye there is a danger of a shortage in this also. Thus, in Chicago, on Tuesday, wheat prices jumped to their highest level for seven years, owing to reports that Germany would need 32,500,000 bushels, and Italy 40,000,000 bushels, more than had been expected. It was calculated also that Germany would be short• of fodder by 85,000,000 bushels. The demand for fodder will be difficult to supply because of the destruction of the North American harvest by drought, and Germany has no foreign exchange with which to buy wheat. She can already scarcely obtain essential raw materials. Thus begins Germany's Four Year Plan to achieve self-sufficiency. General Goring lately asserted that the German worker would at least never lack his daily bread : to supply it now will tax all his determination and all Dr. Schacht's ingenuity.