18 DECEMBER 1936, Page 3

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : What

Mr. Baldwin described as "the last of the formal occasions" which attend the succession of a Sovereign took place on Monday with the passing of the "humble address" in response to "His Majesty's Gracious Message." It was carried through in the same grand atmosphere of dignity and restraint with which the House of Commons has conducted itself throughout these distressing times. At each stage the Parliamentary leaders have risen to the full majesty of the occasion, and in speeches that have not contained one false note or provoked a single unhappy interruption have interpreted the will and mind of the nation. It was significant of their innate respect for the House that on this occasion the Republican Clydesiders were absent. A word of praise indeed is due to them for the way in which, on the Abdication Bill, they carried out what they conceived to be their duty. They made their demonstration against the institution of monarchy, but, having done so, they were silent. Every man in the House of Commons, however extreme his views, has proved by his actions that he realised that, in Mr. Baldwin's words, "the House today is a theatre which is being watched by the whole world."