18 FEBRUARY 1854, Page 12

"Justice to Scotland" takes umbrage at Lord John's distribution of

his 66 seats—only three Members to that cooler part of the island ! One, as Lord John stated, is to be given to the Universities, and one each, it is understood, to the legal capital and to the commercial capital of Scot- land. But the .Dundee Advertiser of yesterday's date, which cordially accepts the measure as a whole, feels that Scotland has not her due. Hath not Scotland counties ? it is asked; and why should Dundee, with 90,000 inhabitants, "still be compelled to stand on one leg, while Bradford," with 103,000, "is actually burdened with a limb which it has not sought and does not need ?" " Scotchmen," it is not unjustly observed by our patriotic contemporary, "are often sneered at for deserting their country, and really this bill will justify a large expenditure of wit on the point." Let us have the wit, then, and perhaps that might cure the mal-distribution of limbs discovered in the body politic.