18 FEBRUARY 1854, Page 17


Wia-orsies, Feb. 17.-let Regt. of Drags.- Lieut. H. Sykes to be Capt. by pur- chase, vice Sibtliorp, who retires ; Cornet T. K. Fitzgerald to be Licut, by purchase, vice Sykes ; W. E. Curtis, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Fitzgerald. 3d Light Drags.-J. C. Murphy, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Vyse, promoted. Scots Fusilier Guards-Major and Col. Henry Lord Rokeby to be Lieut.-Col. by pur- chase, vice col. H. Colville, who retires upon half-pay ; Capt and Lieut.-Col. and Col. G. M. Eden to be Major, by purchase, vice Lord Itokeby ; Lieut.-Col. and Bre- vet Col. the Hon. C. B. Phipps, C.B. from half-pay Unatt. to be Capt. and Lieut.- Cal. vice Eden; Lieut. and Capt. H. P. de Bathe to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. by purchase, vice the Hon. C. B. Philips, CB. who retires ; Ensign and Lieut. R. Moo- to be.Lieut. and Capt by purchase, vice Be Bathe ; Ensign and Lieut. the Hon. U. G. Dalrymple has been permitted to retire from the service by the sale of his commission; Battalion-Surg. T. Richardson to be Surg.-Major, vice W. H. Judd, who retires upon half-pay; Assist.-Surg. J. A. Bostock, M.D. to be Battalion-Burg. vice Richardson' Assist.-Staff-Surg. A. G. Elkington to be Assist.-Surg. vice Boa- lock. 2d &Sot -Capt. G. Wolfe, from 87th Foot, to be Capt. vice Mathias, appointed lathe 54th Foot, 19th Foot-Ensign E. R. W. Bayley to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Readon, who retires; J. H. Kirke, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Bayley. 28th Foot-Lieut. II. R. C. Godley to be Capt. by purchase, rice De Winton, who ic- tiree; Ensign T. L. Bell to be Lieut. by purchase, vtee Godley C. D. Ingram, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Bell. 44th Foot-Ensign B. S. Iloskins to be Lieut. by purchase, vice It. F. Eyre who has declined purchasing. 54th Foot-Capt F Mathias, from the 2d Foot, to be Capt. vice Pane, appointed to the 57th Foot. 57th Foot-W. J. Coope, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Johnson, who retires. 87th Foot-Capt. F. Fane, from the 54th Foot, to be Capt. vice Wolfe, appointed to the 2d Foot. 91st Foot-Lieut. A. W. ArKensie to be Capt. by purchase, vice Bayly, who retires; Ensign L. H. Thomas to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Mackenzie : W. P. Gurney, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, lice Thomas. 97th Foot-F.. S. Warburton, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Nash, who retires. lst West India Regiment-Ensign H. F. Luke to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Stokes, nromoted; J. Tryon, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Luke.

Unattached-Lieut. and Adjt. T. B. Speedy, from the 7th Foot, to be Capt. with- out purchase.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Feb. 17.--Royal Regt. of Artillery-Capt. E. F. Grant to be Lieut.-Col. vice Walker, retired upon full-pay; Sec. Capt. J. J. Brandling lobe Capt. vice Grant ; First Limit. E. Taswell to he Sec. Capt. vice Branding; Sec. Lieut. A. L. Kaye to be First Lieut. vice Taswell ; Sec. Capt. A. R. Wragge to be Capt. vice Lempriere, retired upon half pay; First Lieut. J. Singleton to be Sec. Capt. vice Wragge ; Sec. Lieut. .1. J. Smith to be First Lieut. vice Singleton.

Royal Regt. of Artillery-To he Col.-Comrnandant-Col. J. E. Jones.

To be Colonels-Lieut.-Cols. P. V. England, vice Jones; I. Whitty, II. L. Sweet-


To be Lieutenant-Colonels- Capts. J. W. Mitchell, vice England ; G. J. Beresford, vice Whitty; R. F. Crawford, rice Sweeting ; .1. St. George, W. R. Nedham, E. C. Warde, H. C. State.

To be Captains -Sec. Copts. W. Haultain, vice Mitchell ; F. .7. Travers, vice Beresford ; U. C. Dixon, vice Crawford; H. Rogers, vice St. George; J. Turner, vice Nedham ; A. C. L. Fitzroy, vice Warde ; E. II. Fisher, vice Stace ; R. F. Moun- tain, S. Cleveland, S. H. S. Inglefield, E. M. Boxer, C. S. Longden, W. A. Middle- ton, B. J. C.nnon, J. R. Gibbon.

To be Second Captains-First Lieuts. W. E. M. Reilly, vice Haultain; W. B. Saunders, vice Travers; C. H. Smith, vice Dixon ; H. T. Fitzhugh, vice Rogers; W. N. Hardy, vice Turner; J. L. Boulton, vice Fitzroy; G. H. J. A. Fraser, vice Fisher ; T. Lambert, vice Mountain; F. J. Soady, vice Cleaveland ; E. E. It. Dyne- ley, vice Inglefield ; F. H. B. Phillips, vice Boxer ; J. Godby, vice Longden ; D. S. Greene, vice Middleton; P. F. Miller, vice Cannon; W. W. Barry, vice Gibbon; G. H. Colonib, T. H. Harding, P. D. Dlargesson, M. Stewart, J. F. D'Arley Street, A. M. Calvert, O'Brien B. Woolsey, A. W. Drayson, C. W. Elgee. To be First Lieutenants-Second Lieuts. E. Maitland, vice Reilly; M. E. C. Stocker, vice Saunders ; W. A. Burrows, vice Smith ; J. L. Clarke, vice Fitzhugh; A. P. Joy, vice Hardy•, H. Thornhill, vice Boulton; A. '1'. G. Pearce, vice Fraser; P. Carey, vice Lambert; W. F. Walker, vice Soady; G. J. Shakerley, vice Dyne- ley ; H. J. Alderson, vice Phillips; A. H. Hutchinson, vice Godby ; F. Temple, vice Greene; F. G. Ravenhill, vice Miller ; T. H. Pitt, vice Barry ; F. L. II. Lyon, vice Colomb ; C. L. Tredcroft, vice Harding ; G. W. Holmes, vice Margesson ; J. E. Ruck-Keene, vice Stewart; H. A. Doyne, vice Street ; J. T. Daubuz, vice Calvert ; R. Hodson, vice Woolsey; E. C. Vaughan, vice Drayson; F. S. Maude, vice Elgee ; F. T. A. Law; Major F. Downes; A. C. H. Light ; F. H.W. Nisbett; F. O. E. Warren ; H. C. S. Dyer; T. L. Still; J. Hanwell; J. F. Betty; F. WE. Savage; J. K. Holdeworth ; W. F. Moore; M. H. Fitzmaurice; W. D. !Ullman; A. IL Robin- son; H. R. Martin.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Feb. 16.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Sec. Capt. F. E. Chap- man to be Capt. vice Frome, placed on the Seconded Liar; First Limit. J. F. M. Browne to be Sec. Capt. vice Chapman; Sec. Lieut. W. 0. Lennox to be First Lieut. vice Browne. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Feb. 17.-Corps of Royal Engineers-To be Colonel Com- mandant, Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. Goldfinch, K C.B. To be Colonels-Lieut.-Col. P. Barry, Brevet Col. Sir W. Reid, Lieut.-Col. W.:R. Ord.

To be Lieutenant-Colonels-Brevet Majors II. Servante, vice Barry; H. 0. Craw- ley, vice Ord ; J. Twiss, J. Walpole, T. A. Larcorn ' • Brevet Lieut.-Col. E. Vicars; Brevet Majors St. A. Molesworth, E. Frame; Capt. C. E. Wilkinson.

To be Captains-Sec. Copts. T. Fenwick, vice Servante ; G. F. Mann, vice Crawley ;

S. Westmacott, vice Twiss; C. A. Broke, vice Walpole ; W. C. Menzies, vice Vicars ; It. M. Laffan, vice blolesworth •, A. H. Freeling, vice Wilkinson ; II. S. G. Ord, D. W. Tylee, H. C. B. Moody, J. L. A. Simmons, G. A. Lunch; Brevet Major R. Tylden; Sec. Copts. P.J. 8. Barry, H. A. White, P. B. Whittingham. To be Second Captains-First Lieuts. F. 51. H. Somerset, vice Fenwick ; H. W. Montagu, vice Sloan; V. T. Maine, vice Westmacott ; F. AV. Kingrvice Broke; F. Fowke, vice Menzies; C. U. Binney, vice Laffan; F. H. Rich, vice Freeling ; F. R. Chesney, vice Ord ; T. A. L. Murray, vice Tylee; H. N. Penrice, vice Moody; W.

L. Morrison, vice Leach ; A. C. Cooke, vice Tylden; T. Inglis, vice Barry ; B. H. Martindale, vice White; C. S. Hutchinson, vice Whittingham ; H. Wray, C. Paisley, J. Stokes, A. Clarke, F. Du Cane, K. D. Kerr. .7. Y. Moggridge. F. Roe.

To be First Lieutenants-Sec. Lieuts. A. Leaky, vice Somerset; E. L. Bland, vice Montagu; C. E. S. Baynes, vice Maids ; C. Le Gallais, vice King ; A. W. Durnford, vice Fowke; D. A. Frazer, vice Iiinney ; H. G. Teesdale, vice Bich; T. M. Graves, vice Chesney.; W. C. Anderson, vice Murray; E. F. Du Cane, vice Pounce; W. Crossman, vice Morrison ; W. D. Marsh, vice Cooke ; W. J. Smart, vice Inglis; J. C. Cowell, vice Martindale ; R. Hawthorn, vice Hutchinson ; G. Graham, vice Wray; C. E. Harvey, vice Feeley; R. W. Duff, vice Stokes; G. Philips, vice Clarke ; C. N. Martin, vice Du Cane ; F. E. Pratt, vice Kerr ; A. G. Goodall, vice Moggridge ; J. AL C. Drake, vice Hoe; E. R. James, C. W. Townsbend, W. Bailey, F. E. B. Beaumont, C. G. Gordon, 0. H. Stokes, J. H. S. Carter, W. F. Gilley, J. B. Ed- wards, J. F. D. Donnelly, J. E. Cornell, T. G. Lowry, W. AL Somerville, A. Be Courcy Scott, C. L. A. O'Grady, lion. C. Wrottesley.