18 FEBRUARY 1854, Page 7


Bill of 1832.

The smaller Boroughs. Of these, 68 shoce electors did not reach 500, were to be supplemented by the addition of adjoining parishes and townships. The Boroughs so named were—Abingdon, Andover, Arundel, Ashburton, Ban- bury, Bewdley, Bodmin, Bridport, Buckingham, Caine, Chippenham, Christchurch, Cirencester, Clitheroe, Cockermouth, Dartmouth, Devizes, Dorchester, Droitwich, Evesham, Eye, Frome, Great Marlow, Harwich, Hel- ston, Honiton, Horsham, Huntingdon, Kendal, Kidderminster, Knaresbo- rough, Launceston, Leominster, Lis- keard, Ludlow, Lyme Regis, Lyming- ton, Malmesbury, Malton, Marlbo- rough, Midhurst, Morpeth, Northaller- ton, Peterborough, Petersfleld, Poole, Reigate, Richmond, Ripon, Shaftes- bury, Stamford, Tamworth, Tavistock, Tewkesbury, Thetford, Thirsk. Tiver- ton, Totnes, Wallingford, Wareham, Wells, Westbury, Whitby, Wilton, Woodstock, Wycombe. Appropriation of Vacant Seats. Birken- head and Burnley to be made Boroughs with one Member each. [This absorb- ed the Sudbury seats. St. Albans was not then disfranchised.] Itepresentation of the Minority. Not pro- vided for.

Few Franchise for Coimties or Boroughs. The payment of 2/. Income-tax or As- sessed Taxes.

Sew Franchise for Counties. All occu- piers of premises of 20/. value (instead of 500 Sew Franchise for Boroughs. All occu- piers of premises of Si. value (instead of 10/.) Freemen. Their electoral rights (of suc- cession) untouched. Pates and Taxes. Payment of Assessed 'Taxes not t6 be a condition of voting. Property Qual(fwatior' s of Members. To be abolished in England and Ireland. [In Scotland it does not exist.] ruating of Seats. Ministers of the Crown to be released from the obliga- tion of asking ralection upon changing office.

Sal 0( 1854.

The smaller Boroughs. Of these, 19 Bo- roughs returning 29 Members, with less than 300 electors and less than 5000 inhabitants, to be disfranchised. In the case of 33 Boroughs returning two Members each, with electors under 500 and population fewer than 10,000, one Member to be taken from each. These with the 4 forfeited seats of Sud- bury and St. Albans make 66 seats.

Appropriation of Vacant Seats. The West Riding of Yorkshire and &loth Lancashire each to be divided, and three Members given to each division —12 Members, being 8 additional. Thirty-eight-Counties to have 3 Mem- bers instead of 2; making 38 additional, or 46 in all. Eight Boroughs to have 3 Members instead of 2, making 8 ad- ditional. Salford to have 1 additional Member. Three new Boroughs to be created, (Staleybridge, Birkenhead, and Burnley,) with 1 Member each; Ken- sington and Chelsea to be created a Borough with 2 Members; the Inns of Court to have 2; London University 1; in all, 63-46 for Counties and 17 for Boroughs. [The remaining S to be appropriated to Scotland ; 1 to the Uni- versities, 1 to Edinburgh, and 1 to Glasgow.] Representation of the Minority. In Coun- ties and Boroughs having three Mem- bers, the electors to vote for two of the candidates. [This will enable a mi- nority, of a Certain proportion to the whole number voting, to return the third Member.] Neto Franchise for Counties or Boroughs. Yearly salary of 1001. from public or pri- vate employment paid quarterly or half- yearly. Income of 10/. per annum from dividends from the Funds, Bank Stock, or East India Stock. Thepayment of 21. Income-tax or Assessed Taxes. A de- posit of 50/. held for three years in a savings-bank. The Graduates of any University in the Three Kingdoms. New Franchise for Counties. All occu- piers rated at 101., residing elsewhere than in represented towns. New Franchise for Boroughs. All occu- piers rated at Si. for two years and a half before being placed on the register, or two years and ten months before exercising the right of voting. Freemen. The right of voting to cease with the present freemen. Rates and Flaxes. Payment as a condi- tion of voting Co cease. Property Qualification of Members. Un- touched.

Vacating of Seats. Members who accept office under the Crown not to be re- quired to vacate their seats at all. [This to form a separate measure.]