18 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 2

Although Lord Spencer's Government had proceeded against a larger number

of persons, in proportion to the number of agrarian offences, than the present Government had proceeded against, the Crimes Act of last year had diminished the number of agrarian offences in six months from 455 to 364, the six months compared being those ending January 31st, 1887, and those ending January 31st, 1888. But the greatest effect pro- duced by the Crimes Act was in the cases of serious boycotting. The number of persons wholly boycotted on July 31st last year was 870 ; the number of persons wholly boycotted now is 208. Judge Curran and Judge Murphy had both given their emphatic testimony to the improvement in the condition of the country since the passing of the Crimes Act, and yet the enforcement of it had been effected under the most exceptional difficulties,— difficulties created by the support which the whole of the Opposition had tendered to the policy of the Parnellites.