18 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 22

Our Earth and its Story. By Robert Brown, Ph.D. (Cassell

and Co.)—Dr. R. Brown, already favourably known for his valuable works, " The Peoples of the World " and " The Countries of the World," has now increased the obligation under which students of geography already feel themselves to him, by this "Popular Treatise on Physical Geography." Such subjects as "The Earth's Crust," " The Stratified and 17nstratified Rocks," the vexed question of the fluidity or non-fluidity of the earth's interior, the causes of the action of geysers, volcanoes, earthquakes, the action of rivers, waterfalls', caverns, &c., are summarily treated in a most interesting fashion. Dr. Brown has attained a highly successful method of popularising science. He is never superficial, but he is never doll. His admirable letterpress in this instance is supplemented and explained by an abundance of illustrations. The twelve coloured plates are excellent specimens of their kind, as, in their degree, are the two hundred woodcuts.